Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mystery Couple

They're all put together now except for their clothes!


I've been working on these dolls
by a couple who were
 very famous in their time.
 Your grandma was probably
 very familiar with them. 

 Can you guess who they are?


  1. hmmmmm......Miss Daphne,is the knot on her head from a heavy object? a skillet, perhaps?

  2. No, Miss Marie, the knot is not from a skillet or a rolling pin though she was often seen with a rolling pin in her hand. She always wore her hair in a tight, tall bun. Hopefully their identities will be a bit easier to guess when they are painted.

  3. I posted a comment but somehow it didn't go through
    I wanted to say that these are FANTASTIC
    love it Daphne
    are these characters from an old newspaper comic strip ???
    I can picture them in my head but can't remember the names .

  4. Thanks Marie and Sandy!

    You're right Sandy, they are from an old comic strip popular in the thirties and forties. If no one guesses their names I will reveal it when I post their finished pictures....soon I hope! :-)

  5. Is the fellow's favorite food " corned beef and Cabbage"?

  6. Miss Marie I believe you've got it! Can you remember his name?

  7. His name is Jiggs. Now what was the little woman's name....hmmmm

  8. I know! I know! it's Maggie and Jiggs....

  9. You got it! Maggie & Jiggs! :-) They were popular in the 20's and 30's and on until the early 50's. The comic strip was actually known as 'Bringing up Father'. Jiggs was a working class Irishman who suddenly became a millionaire by winning the Irish sweepstakes. He wanted to eat corned beef and cabbage and hang out with his old buddies bit Maggie was a social climber and too hoitie toitie to allow that! She usually kept poor Jiggs in line with a rolling pin! Hopefully I'll have them all made and post some pics here this week. Way to go Marie!!

  10. wow
    this is exciting !
    I wish you could make them talk too
    can you do that ? [ ha ha ]

  11. Brings back memories from long ago.

  12. Why thanks!

    If I could, I'm sure they'd have lovely Irish accents! :-)

  13. Hi Daphne! I'm back and impatiently waiting for Maggie and Jigg's to be completed. I thought "today" might be the day: Irish accents, corned beef and cabbage... I know it's been said but they look great!