Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Running out of room!!

 My studio and work table are
 so full of works in progress that
 it's hard to tell what goes with what!!
 I keep starting things. 
 Please somebody stop me from starting 
 any new works until some of these are

That's the good thing about this blog, 
assuming that someone is reading it. 
It will make me accountable to you, 
dear reader, to finish all these and 
post them here for your
viewing pleasure!


  1. Hi Daphne...thank you so much for stopping by plumthicket.blogspot.com and leaving a post about George W. and Laura Bush. I love all of your work and your worktable looks like mine :) Doing one thing at a time is no fun. We have to work when the inspiration hits us so just keep working away! The more, the merrier. I am adding your sweet work and blog to my blog links. Thanks again for visiting...~Edna at Plum Thicket~

  2. Thanks Edna! Nice to meet ya! I've added you to my links too!


  3. i certainly identify with you and your "work table" with so many projects started... I am loving to see the progress with your dolls. You are very talented!!